S Series Technical Specifications

61 keys (S2 Turbo), 76 keys (S3 Turbo)
Weighted synthesizer type, Dynamic and Polyphonic Aftertouch sensitive.
Rack 3 unit (S2R)

PCM, Wavetable, Multiloop, Crossfade Multiwave and Subtractive Synthesis
6 MBytes internal ROM (Sounds)
2 MBytes internal RAM (PCM Samples)
6 x 18 bit DACs
4 Sound Edit Modes:
Single, Dual Oscillator, Dual Crossfade, Sound Patch Matrix (for programming Drumkits
or special Sound configurations).
2 Digital Effects Processor (Reverbs + Delays + Modulation effects)
32 oscillators
Polyphony 32 notes max.
Dynamic allocation of voices with assignable priority
16 parts multitimbral, 16 Layers, 16 Split, 32 Dynamic Switches
32 digital filters, fully programmable (5 resonance types with Low Pass, High Pass,
Band Pass, Parametric Boost, Parametric Cut)
Dynamic Stereo Panning

S2 Turbo, S3 Turbo: 2 Wheels, 2 Pedal/Footswitches, 7 Functions Buttons,
7 Sliders, all fully programmable, Volume Pedal
S2R: 2 Footswitches, Volume Pedal

Motorola© MC68302 microprocessor (16 Mhz)
6 MBytes internal ROM (Sounds)
2 MBytes internal RAM (Sequencer)
2 MBytes internal RAM (PCM Samples)
Sample Translator Version 2.0 already installed.
This reads disks in a range of formats, including Akai© S1000 (HD formatted),
Avalon, Sound Designer, Sample Vision and Wave.
Sound Library (500 internal sounds and over 1500 sounds storable in RAM).
DSP Effects Library (64 + 64)
100 Performances
10 Songs
Optional Static Memory Expansion (512 KB).

Desktop Editing with graphic display of functions
Undo, Compare and Clipboard functions
Graphic Display: 240 x 64 pixels, neon backlit
14 function buttons
Internal time/date clock

16 Tracks.
Resolution 1/192 of 1/4 note.
Events: approximately 250,000.
Background Song Loading (new songs and PCM samples can be loaded into
memory section while sequencer is operating).
Realtime, Overdub, Quantize, Realtime Delay, Microscope Editing.
Compatible with Standard MIDI File (compatible with Atari/MS-DOS)

3.5" high-density diskettes.
Formatting 1.62 MB. Formatting in MS-DOS (1.44 MB) or Atari (720 KB).
Loading and saving: PCM Samples, Sounds, Songs, Performances, DSP Effects
Sample Data Compression (up to 2 MB of Samples Data stored on a single disk).
Loading of software updates with new User Programs and software options
Possibility of saving up to 100 Songs and/or 1000 Performances divided into 10 Groups
on a single disk.

Complete Master Keyboard functions
32 independent MIDI channels
2 MIDI Out
2 MIDI Thru
Midi Merge (Input MIDI data can be processed and modified)
Song Position Pointer In/Out (Play Mode).
System Exclusive.
Clock In/Out

Stereo Master (L/R) + 4 outputs programmable separately or in pairs

S2 (LxHxD) 1055x116x350 mm
S3 (LxHxD) 1267x116x350 mm
S2R (LxHxD) 434x132.5x276.5 mm

S2: 16 kg
S3: 18.5 kg
S2R: 7.3 kg

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