BassStation Technical Specifications

Oscillator 1

Range: C-2 to C7
Waveform: Square, Sawtooth, Pulse (Continuously variable)
Pulse Width Modulation: Variable depth control and source of
        Modulation selectable from Manual, LFO or Envelope 2
Master Finetune: ± 50 Cents

Oscillator 2

Range: C-3 to C10
Waveform: Square, Sawtooth, Pulse (Continuously variable)
Semi-tone Tune: +12 Semitones
Detune: ± 50 Cents


Cut-off Frequency: 5Hz to 10kHz
Resonance: 0 to Self Oscillation
Envelope: Variable + and - control of Envelope 2 depth of Modulation
Cut-off slope: Switchable between 12dB and 24dB
LFO: Variable + and - control of LFO depth of Modulation

Envelope 1 + 2

Attack time: 1ms to 5 Secs
Decay time: 3ms to 10 Secs
Sustain level
Release time: 3ms to 10 Secs
Velocity: Variable sensitivity control


Autoglide: 2nd key pressed triggers oscillator glide to
        new note without re-running envelopes
Single: No re-runs of envelopes
Multi: Re-runs envelopes


Master volume control


Range: Auto, 0 to 5 Secs ramp time

Keyboard and Controls etc.:

KB Range:
        2 octaves (transposable over 8 octaves) full size, velocity sensitive keys

Pitch Bend Wheel range:
        0 to 12 Semi-tones, 7 bit resolution

Controller Wheel:
        Assignable to LFO Mod depth and/or Cut-off Frequency,
        Aftertouch or MIDI Volume


Keyboard: Transmits polyphonic MIDI data.
Filter: Frequency, Resonance and Mod Depth
Envelopes: Attack, Decay
Program Change: 7 Memories

Dimensions / Weight

Width: 465mm
Depth: 215mm
Height: 55mm
Weight: about 2.5 Kg

Copyright 1994, Novation Electronic Music Systems Ltd. England